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K-Logistik - Air Cargo Road Feeder Services

The K-Logistik fleet

The optimal vehicle for every logistics task!

K-Logistik maintains a large fleet with a wide range of vehicle types for the logistics requirements of its customers.

Temperate-controlled shipments/pharmaceutical shipments
Thermo trailers

As of now, we can also make temperature-controlled shipments in the range of -20 to +28 degrees Celsius.

Of course, the trailer is also certified for pharmaceutical shipments. We are now also available to you in this sensitive area.

Our team is happy to answer any questions.

Small van for urgent special trips
Renault Kangoo
Manufacturer/type: Renault Kangoo
Load capacity: 500 kg
Lifting platform: No

3-axle stand-alone tractor-trailer
MAN stand-alone tractor-trailer
Manufacturer/type: MAN
Loading area: 10 m
Load capacity: 14 tons
ADR: Yes
Lifting platform: No

25-ton tractor-trailer
25-ton tractor-trailer
Manufacturer/type: Mercedes Benz
Load capacity: 25 tons
ADR: Yes
Lifting platform: No
Rollerbed: Partial
Mega: Partial

7.5-ton truck
Mercedes Benz 7.5-ton truck
Manufacturer/type: Mercedes Benz
Load capacity: 2,2 - 2,8 tons
ADR: Partial
Lifting platform: Partial

12-ton truck
Mercedes Benz 12-ton truck
Manufacturer/type: Mercedes Benz
Load capacity: 5 tons
ADR: Yes
Lifting platform: Partial


We are approved as Regulated Agent DE/RA/00013-01/0113
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and members of the Verband der Air Cargo Abfertiger Deutschlands e.V. [Association of Air Cargo Dispatchers of Germany] (VACAD)
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AEO-F authorization number 125 598

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